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I have unique experience of your struggles as I’ve been there too! By my mid-twenties, my hormone health had started to suffer due to (what I now realise) was an unhealthy lifestyle. I suffered from irregular periods, unexplained weight gain and acne all over my face.

I was initially told by my GP that there was nothing wrong and to maybe try a weight loss diet of some sort! It wasn’t until sometime later that I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) after a long struggle with traditional doctors to have additional functional lab tests carried out.


Frustrated by the traditional medical route, I decided to carry out my own research and this is where I discovered Naturopathic Nutrition and started my upward journey to improvement from there.

My menstrual cycles, acne and weight improved overall in just a few months and I subsequently went on to have 3 healthy pregnancies after being told by doctors I would likely need IVF!

After having my children, I was seen by an endocrinologist, who diagnosed me with Primary underactive thyroid, not PCOS and calmly added it had probably been the root cause of all my issues all along!

Despite this, I continue to work on myself to be the very best healthy version of myself I can be, and I consider it a continuous journey, with new opportunities to learn along the way.

I use this positive personal experience of learning from my own body to inform my coaching as a naturopath with an empathic approach to each client, which is highly individualised. Clients report that they feel (sometimes for the first time), truly listened to on their health journey, which in my professional experience leads to better connectiveness and compliance.

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