What is Micro-immunotherapy?

Overall, micro-immunotherapy focuses on restoring efficient functioning of the immune system, the central pillar of our health. It can be integrated into any treatment plan, tailored to the needs of every client.

Micro-immunotherapy was founded by the Belgian physician Dr Maurice Jenaer in the 1970s. It was established in close relation to the developing interest in the functioning of the immune system, as well as the ongoing discovery of new immune messengers including cytokines, growth factors, hormones, and neurotransmitters.

What is Micro-immunotherapy

Already at that time, Dr. Jenaer could foresee the essential role that an immune system-based therapy would play in the maintenance and restoration of health. Highly motivated by the promising results gained from the sublingual administration of low doses of DNA and RNA, he decided to investigate whether other molecules (e.g. cytokines) administered in the same way could also have beneficial effects on the organism. From these investigations, he determined that the application of low doses of sublingually-administered immune messengers would offer a previously undiscovered therapeutic capability with optimal tolerability.

Today, the range of applications for low-dose immunotherapy is far wider and its therapeutic possibilities are becoming more and more apparent. The current state of knowledge in the fields of nano-pharmacology, biochemistry and molecular biology broadens the horizons for research in this field, where micro-immunotherapy will play an increasing role in the integrated treatment of patients in the future.

Benefits of Micro Immunotherapy

  • It speaks the same language as the immune system.

    It uses substances such as cytokines, which are proteins responsible for the coordination of immune response.

  • It is well tolerated by patients,

    as it uses substances administered at similar or even lower concentrations than those that would normally be present in the organism.

  • It imitates the natural mechanisms of our body.

    It works its effect in sequential steps, in just the same way as the immune response itself.

  • It enhances the immune system’s own regulatory function

    and aims to sustainably optimise its proper function for a variety of disorders.

  • It is administered sublingually,

    thus transferring information directly to the lymphatic system that acts as a central switchboard for the immune response.

  • It can be used both as a preventive and therapeutic approach,

    and it can be combined with other treatments in a synergistic way.

In which areas can it be used?

Micro-immunotherapy has a very broad scope of applications and can be used both for treatment and prevention, as part of an integrative therapeutic ­approach.

Micro-immunotherapy is a complementary treatment, which means that no other treatment should be suspended without first consulting your therapist or Doctor.

It offers immune support in several clinical conditions:

  • autoimmune diseases
  • viral infections and reactivations
  • bacterial infections
  • allergies
  • stress
  • depression
  • neurological diseases
  • age-related diseases
  • bone and joint disorders
  • complementary cancer treatment

Assessing the Health of the Immune System

In my practice I am able to use, when indicated the latest cutting-edge tests available to assess the status of the immune system, including its responsiveness.

Some of them are briefly outlined below:

  • Differential blood test:

    examination of the cellular proportion of leukocytes (white blood cells)

  • Lymphocyte typing

    precise assessment of the cellular immune status

  • Protein profile and inflammation profile:

    evaluation of the degree of inflammation and nutrient supply of the patient

  • Serologies:

    provide evidence of infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and parasites, as well as viral reactivations

  • HLA-typing:

    assessment of the relative risk for specific autoimmune diseases, allergies, and chronic infections.

Once I have assessed the immune system, I can then recommend a health plan that may include micro-immunotherapy if appropriate.

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